Pop Progs

Please find below proposals of some of our more popular programmes.


The Queen's Speech

The Life & Times of Queen Elizabeth I revealed through the Sonnets of William Shakespeare, featuring Elizabeth’s Tilbury Speech, with songs & instrumental dances by Byrd, Dowland, Gibbons, Ortiz, and Philips.

Isobel Collyer—reader & soprano; Layil Barr—bass viol & recorders; Kah-Ming Ng—virginals

Ravish'd by Blue

Ravish’d by Magic

Magic, Necromancy & Superstition in the reigns of Elizabeth I & James I via contemporary anecdotes and readings from Shakespeare’s Sonnets, Macbeth & Hamlet, with songs & instrumental pieces from the Golden Age of England & Spain: Dowland, Lawes, Morley, Simpson, etc.

Prince & Pauper (website)

The Prince & the Pauper

The sonorous yet uncommon pairing of two gut-strung instruments of opposite pedigrees: professional fiddlers vs leisured aristocrats. Music by Becker, Buxtehude, Krieger, La Guerre, Marais, Schmelzer, Telemann, and Rameau. 

Thy Word is a Lantern (website)

Thy Word is a Lantern

Anthems, Motets & Masses; Choral Music from Tudor to Georgian England, incl.  Byrd ( mass for four voices), Purcell: (chapel royal verse anthems), Greene (Arise, shine, o Zion), Boyce (The heavens declare) and anthems by John Amner & William Mundy. ALso keyboard music by Bull, Byrd, Cabezon & Locke.

Tre Violini (website)

A Tre Violini

The genre of 3 equal parts to a bass was considered the supreme compositional challenge to baroque composers. Pachelbel’s Canon was a unique solution, but there were many others, equally delightful. Buonamente–Dornel–Fontana–Marini–Schmelzer–Pachelbel–Purcell

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